NFT Launch strategy - Ultimate Guide

Pooria Arab
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***Updated as of Mar. 2022***

Saw a LinkedIn post where > 1,750 people were looking for a guide on NFT marketing and thought to myself, why not share the things you've been researching on for the past months.

Here is "The Ultimate guide for a successful NFT launch" that is intended for beginners all the way to advanced. This 17-page guide highlights the basics of an NFT launch from choosing an ecosystem to getting crypto and increasing engagement within your discord communities.

It's all in English with a level of detail for anyone to understand it. WAGMI and this is the beginning.

This ultimate NFT guide includes:

⭐Choose your ecosystem wisely

Comparison of common blockchains, list of marketplaces, and tips on choosing the right blockchain

⭐ Developing your NFTs - design and code

Checkout HashLips NFT, guiding questions, graphics, and pre-release

⭐ Community Matters and why

Basics of must-have NFT projects, 9 free ways to promote your project

⭐Smooth and Fair Launch

Get your NFT in the hands of your engaged community members

⭐Selling to bots or people?

Tactics to differentiate between bots and real human beings in your community

⭐ Hype or value?

Ways to give back to your community and to interesting use-cases for value

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No, looking at the digital nature of the product - I can't refund you, once you get access to it.

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This document is not associated with any of my current, past, or future employers nor any of the companies, platforms, or technologies mentioned in this guide. This guide should be used for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be investment or definite advice. All investments involve risk, and you should do your own research before any investment decision. 

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  • NFT guide covering the latest marketing tactics and discord server engagement tips for a successful NFT launch

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  • NFT guide covering the latest marketing tactics and discord server engagement tips for a successful NFT launch
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NFT Launch strategy - Ultimate Guide

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